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Privacy Policy

We've tried to make this website as privacy-respecting as possible. We collect a minimal amount of anonymous data to give us a better idea of our users and improve our documentation.


We collect anonymous visitor statistics to better understand sources of traffic and how users interact with this website to provide a better experience. The path of pages you visit on this website are sent to a self-hosted instance of Motomo, an open source privacy-respecting analytics platform. We do not share any data and it never leaves the server or is used for any other purpose.


It is possible to completely opt-out by enabling the Do Not Track setting in your browser. If you do not mind, we kindly recommend that you leave it off for our website. 😊

Server logs#

Our hosting provider records server-side request logs for a limited amount of time for security reasons.


Our search is provided by the DocSearch from Agolia. Using the search functionality will interact with their services to provide search results, collecting anonymous statistics of search terms, their overall frequency, missing search results, etc.