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Webpack is a popular tool used to bundle website assets. Since its introduction, the webpack ecosystem as grown to support many different types of loaders and plugins. The @ipp/webpack provides a webpack loader that adds the ability to import images directly into JavaScript.

The imported image will be processed using a configured pipeline and the import will resolve into a JavaScript object containing information about the generated formats.

The advantage of using a loader over the CLI is that only images that are explicitly imported are processed and appropriately bundled along with other assets.

Example using simple mode
import image from "path/to/image.jpg";
// image is an object, generated formats are passed to webpack{  src: "f8c1421b4334c1c9.jpg",  width: 1920,  height: 1080,  srcset: {    "image/jpeg": "46de0d3babc16786.jpg 720w, 885001be48ef4667.jpg 1920w",    "image/webp": "f876c5d47c6c0866.webp 720w, 5eb716978a1b5a09.webp 1920w"  }}