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Command Line Interface

Contains an implementation for the command line, with configuration loading, filesystem searching and manifest generation. Intended for end users.

CLI Flags#

These allow you to quickly override the input/output folders as well as force a particular configuration file, overriding the default config search behavoir.

More advanced configuration must be done via a configuration file.

-i, --inputPath to the input directory (required)
-o, --outputPath to the output directory (required)
-c, --configManually specify the configuration file
--textUse the Text UI instead of the default Terminal UI
Command line flags


This section is a work in progress.

User Interface#

This section is a work in progress.


This section is a work in progress.

Programatic Invocation#

The @ipp/cli package also exports two functions, init and startCli. They are the same functions that are run when the CLI is invoked from the command line.

The init function will attempt to parse command line flags and load a config before calling the second function, startCli, which takes a config and additional options directly as parameters and runs the main program logic.